iPhone users:

Android users:

Using your phone or tablet, log into Homebot using your phone's default browser (you'll need to request a login link and login from the email you receive). 

Once logged in on your phone/tablet, click the Share menu option (see below), within your account to go to your sharing functions.

Below the Invite via your personal landing page, use the copy function to save the URL to your clipboard. Use this URL to save an icon to your phone screen for quick access to add new clients to your account. When you click on the icon from your phone home screen, it directly goes to your personalized Homebot signup page! (example below)

Want a step-by-step guide to bookmarking your Homebot signup page to your phone home screen? Check out the articles below relative to your phone operating system.

Now that you have bookmarked your Invite URL to your phone/tablet home screen, simply click on the icon during open houses or networking events to quickly add new leads. They will receive a Homebot Digest within a few minutes!

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