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How the Buyers Lead Capture Form Works
How the Buyers Lead Capture Form Works

Learn how to capture buyer leads with a personalized landing page.

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From your Share tab, you have access to a buyer's lead capturing tool that allows prospective clients to sign up directly to Homebot and receive monthly buyers reports.

This personally branded web page provides a snapshot of how Homebot for Buyers works and allows prospects to sign-up to receive it:

Every time a prospect signs up, you'll be notified via email and can track them in Homebot.

To start sharing the buyer's report, select your Share tab in the upper left-hand corner.

Click on Copy link to page to share your personalized landing page:

Once your prospective buyer enters their city of interest, they'll be prompted to input their contact information:

After adding their information, they'll receive a welcome email followed by their first buyer's report, where we'll help them set up their buyer profile and collect the following information:

  • Location: city they'd like to buy

  • Goal: buy a different home, invest in real estate, explore markets, purchase first home

  • Timeline: when they'd like to buy

  • What matters most: popular market, a bigger house, cheaper buy, fast move

  • Price point: the amount their willing to spend

If you're on a Pro subscription, be sure to add a customized welcome video to the buyer's onboarding process!


Once you've copied the link, consider where you can place it. Here's what other successful customers are doing:


You'll receive email notifications every time you get a lead:

You can also monitor your leads from the LEADS tab:

Each lead will be tagged to denote it's a buyer:

Next, learn how to engage your buyers.

Have additional questions or would like further support? Please send us a chat using the pink message icon in the bottom right-hand corner!

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