Homebot's created for you a personalized landing page that's unique to you, allowing you to capture new leads to Homebot! In this article, learn how to access your PURL (personalized URL) and find ideas for how to use it.

Here's how easy it is to use your PURL to build your client-base even faster than ever before...

Within your Homebot account, click the Share button in the top navigation bar (see below). You’ll automatically be taken to the SHARE YOUR PAGE subtab.

From there, select the copy button next to your URL and open it up in a new tab to see what it looks like.

Your Homebot signup page directs prospective leads to your landing page where they can enter their information to receive their personalized digest:

After entering their information, they will automatically receive their first digest and be added to your Homebot client database to receive them monthly. You can track these leads underneath your Leads tab, located under your Clients tab in the navigation bar.

We'll send you an email notification every time you get a new lead.

Once you've copied the link, consider where you can place it. Here's what other successful customers are doing:

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