Did you know you can build your client network by sharing to your Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media sites?

Using the Share tab at the top of your screen then clicking Share on Social, you'll have the option to share directly to Facebook or use your personalized Homebot Signup page URL (copy and paste) to post on any social media site you'd like! 

Anyone who signs up will automatically be added to your client list and start receiving their monthly digest.

When sharing on Facebook, to post on your business page (instead of your personal page), click on the drop down arrow next to "Share on your own Timeline" and select "Share on a Page you manage."This will allow you to post to your business Facebook page:

When a potential lead clicks on your post, they will be directed to your Homebot sign-up page (Note: The client will see YOUR branding, not pictured here).

Once they complete this short form, they'll receive their first Homebot Digest in just a couple minutes and you will receive an email notification that says, "You got one!!" that includes their contact information so you can reach out and welcome them right away (see sample below).  

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