QR codes provide an easy & accessible way for people to get information or sign-up for a service quickly. With Homebot's personal lead generation pages, you can easily create QR codes to capture new clients.

There are many free QR code generators available online; a quick Google search will yield you a ton of results. Our Homebot team is a huge fan of QR Code Monkey: https://www.qrcode-monkey.com/.

Start by going to your Share tab & grabbing the personalized URL of your choice (Buyers PURL or Homeowners PURL):

Once you've copied the PURL of your choice, please navigate to the QR Code generator of your choice and follow their instructions.

Once you've created the QR code, you can add it to door hangers, mailers, post-cards, signs at open houses; the list goes on. Download some of our templates below!

QR Code Monkey allows for some customization; check out each step in the gif below:

Ready to add your QR code to some Homebot templates? Customize your own now!

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