What the Activity Tags Mean

Learn what each activity tag by your client name means in the 30-day activity feed.

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As your clients engage with their Homebot reports, we're capturing that information live and recording it in your Activity feed:

Dive into your rich client behavioral data using our cheat sheet below and start discovering lead opportunities today!


Learn more about the Home Digest Report.

new client lead

A new client signed up through one of our lead generation tools: widget, PURL, etc

added home

Homeowner self-added a home; you'll be notified via email

started buyer onboarding

The homeowner has enough equity to explore their buying power and created a buyers profile

updated loan balance

Client updated their loan's unpaid balance; you'll receive an email notification

tuned home value

Client adjusted their value in the digest

requested CMA

The client requested a CMA from the home digest; you'll receive an email notification

visited Covered

The client clicked the 'Go to Covered' button in the Insurance Module from the home digest

messaged you

The client sent a direct message from the home digest; you'll receive an email notification.

TCA request

The client requested TCA for refi options

*Must have Mortgage Coach integration turned on. Homebot Pro subscription required.

adjusted years in home

The client interacted with the refi slider in the home digest


The client viewed the home digest

viewed new home panel

Your client clicked on the 'Purchase a new home' panel from their digest to explore how they could leverage their equity to perhaps purchase a new home.

viewed home's market

clicked {25-year fixed}

The client clicked to view a refi option in the home digest.


Learn more about the Buyers Report.

messaged you

The client sent a DM from the buyer's app; you'll receive a notification via email.

updated buyer profile

The client made changes to their buyer profile.

self-added buyer

The client self-registered as a buyer; you'll receive a notification via email.

showing request

The client requested a showing for a Ylopo home listing.

Added {zipcode}

Client added or removed a market (ZIP code) from their buyer settings.

If you're on a Homebot Pro subscription and have enabled Home Search by Ylopo:

viewed home listing (previously viewed Ylopo listing)

The client clicked to view more details on a Ylopo home listing.

added ylopo favorite

The client favorited a Ylopo home listing

ylopo identified priority / ylopo tagged priority / ylopo tagged hot

Ylopo determined sufficient lead engagement to indicate that the client should be considered a priority.

requested ylopo info

The client requested more information on a Ylopo home listing.

registered to ylopo

The client registered on the Ylopo search site.

saved ylopo search

The client saved a search on the Ylopo search site for future use.

searched ylopo

The client searched for listings on the Ylopo search site.

new ylopo session / new ylopo search

The client began a new session on the Ylopo search site.

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