Due to the nature of AVMs (automated value model) for determining home values, your clients may request a CMA or verification of what their home is worth.

Our Tune Your Value feature allows the homeowner to not only make changes/updates they may have made to their home (editing beds, baths, sq. footage), but it also allows them to edit their home value using the slider functionality.

They may request an expert's opinion - the CMA request will be emailed and texted to you!

Once you receive the text or email:

  1. Pick up the phone and call your client!

  2. Determine what their goals are and what the best next step is

If you're not a real estate agent, ask them if they have someone in mind or if you can connect them!

Next, grab the real estate agent's email address and be sure they have the clients digest!

1. Navigate to your Clients, then click the sub-tab 'Needs CMA':

2. Select the client/home you wish to perform a CMA for.

3. Click "Send Digest" and a new field will pop up. Next to the "or preview:" you will send the digest to yourself by clicking the paper airplane button to the right of your email:

4. Once you receive the digest in your email, you can forward the digest to the client's previous buyer's agent or a trusted agent that you feel is a good fit for your client.

Note: If the Agent has trouble opening the digest, we recommend they right-click over "see your value" and open in an incognito window in Chrome. If they have a Homebot account with us, they can also log out of their account to access the client's digest.

5. Once you or your agent partner has completed the CMA - update the home value in Homebot by going to their client profile and add the value in "Enter Value" in Step 2 (see photo below).

Note: Only you can update the home value. Your agent partners do not have access to your Homebot account to update this for you.

Once saved, your client will now have a verified home value and a new digest sent will be sent to them with the updated value. Our system will store the change in value and apply that as we automatically update the home value each month.

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