How to Add Multiple Homes to a Client

It's easy to add every home your client owns to send them an automatic Homebot digest every month.

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Some of your clients may be homeowners who own more than one home. It's easy to set them up with a monthly Homebot digest for all their properties, either at the time you add them to your database in Homebot or later on.

Adding multiple homes for a new client

Log into Homebot and head to the "Clients" page. Choose "Add Client" and select the bulk option even if you're just adding one client.

Upload a spreadsheet in one of the supported file types, and include each property address for your client's homes.

Homebot provides templates for Homeowner and Buyer clients to make formatting easy.

Adding multiple homes for an existing client

1. Log into your Homebot account. From the "Clients" page, go to your list of Homeowners and find the client who's property you're adding. Click into their profile page.

2. Your client's profile page will have their name and property address at the top. Click the "Preview Digest" option right below their address.

3. The "Preview Digest" option will open your view of your client's Homebot digest. At the very top of this page, click on the drop-down menu next to "Your Home."

4. Choose the "Add Home" option, and enter in the property address of your client's home. (Your client can also do this independently from their Homebot digest!)

5. After the property details are verified, you and your client will be able to toggle between the homes they own from their Homebot digest to instantly look at their homes.

Your clients can add properties independently from their Homebot digest the same way.

You'll be notified via email if they do.

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