Your Activity Feed and weekly leaderboard email are great places to see how your clients are engaging with their Homebot. When you know which actions and behaviors homeowners and buyers are taking, you're able to engage with clients and prospects at the right time, the moment they start showing signals of intent. Homebot's Motivated Client Alerts help you do exactly that. Your Motivated Client Alerts signal an opportunity within your client database indicating that a client is motivated to refi or sell their home.

Learn how to filter your Activity Feed with Motivated Client Alerts and see them in your inbox below!

There are two types of Motivated Client Alerts:

Motivated Client Alerts signal when a client might be ready to refi or sell their home and are based on a combination of behavior-based activities and their financial profile, as noted below.

Motivated for Refi
You'll receive a Motivated Client Alert for Refi if your client matches the following criteria:
- Their loan was originated more than 6 months ago

- Their monthly payments would decrease if they were to refinance

- They interacted with the Refi Slider, or viewed Refi Details, or requested a Mortgage Coach TCA

Motivated to Sell

You'll receive a Motivated to Sell Client Alert if your client matches the following criteria:
- They have owned their home for two years or more

- They have positive home appreciation or positive home equity

- They viewed the "Should You Sell" panel

Where to view Motivated Clients

When your client meets the criteria necessary to be considered "Motivated to Refi" (as noted above), they will be listed at the top of your Leaderboard email. This way, you'll never miss an opportunity to engage with Motivated Clients!

How to proactively find your Motivated Client opportunities

Don't want to wait for your Leaderboard email? You can always log in to your Homebot and use the Motivated Client filter(s) in your Activity Feed.

Not seeing any motivated clients on the Activity Feed or Leaderboard email?

Here are some ways you can drive more client engagement:

  • Try out the Bulk Client Uploader to get more clients into your Homebot. Let us do the heavy lifting and help save you time.

  • Scale your expertise and re-engage with your client database using video email.

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