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How to Read the Activity Data in the 30-Day Performance Section
How to Read the Activity Data in the 30-Day Performance Section

Be able to interpret the data and use it to create a call list.

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This article will show you how to interpret the data provided in the 30-day performance section of the activity tab.

Here is an example of the 30-day performance section:

How to read the data:

The above image is telling me the homeowner report has been sent to 13 people, 9 people opened the email, and 3 people clicked the link within the email to view their Homebot report.

The homeowner report email looks like this:

The client or prospect needs to click on See your value to be considered a 'view.'

Below the 30-day performance section is the activity feed. The default mode of the activity feed is to show you everyone who is most engaged, clicking around, and taking action.

Check the box (as seen in the image below) to see a list of clients who are simply opening up and viewing their report (like Sophie):

We suggest looking at your activity tab once per week to find clients and prospects to add to your call list.

Next, read this article to learn how to use Homebot to engage with your database.

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