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5 Reasons Why Agents Should Be On Homebot
5 Reasons Why Agents Should Be On Homebot

Are you interested in co-sponsoring Agents? Use these in your pitch!

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Are you interested in co-sponsoring agents but wondering how to present Homebot?

Below are the top 5 reasons why agents should be on Homebot and how you can use them in your pitch.

  1. Positions agents as the go-to real estate expert

  2. Generates listing opportunities

  3. Monthly reports turn homeowners into buyers

  4. It’s a reliable virtual assistant

  5. Helps to streamline the prospecting process

1. Positions Agents as the go-to real estate expert

  • Their branding and contact information are front and center on the reports sent to their clients, making it easy to be reached directly.

  • We encourage conversations by strategically placing chat icons throughout the reports.

  • They don’t have to spend hours thinking about ways to add value when Homebot sends reports automatically each month.

2. Generates listing opportunities

  • Homeowners learn about their selling position within the monthly home report based on three selling signals: home appreciation, cash position, and demand in their market.

  • We enable homeowners to explore listings for sale within their zip code to see how their neighborhood market is doing. Homebot Home Search needs to be connected to populate listings, which are only available with a lender co-sponsor.

3. Monthly reports turn homeowners into buyers

  • We alert agents of clients who might be interested in using their equity to purchase something new.

  • It's important to note that the buyer's side of Homebot is only available to real estate agents co-sponsored by a lender (another reason for them to partner with you!)

4. It's a reliable virtual assistant

  • Since we send out personalized content automatically each month, they can set up Homebot and then forget about it for a while. We still recommend checking the activity feed weekly for their most engaged clients.

  • With an average of 40-50% engagement, they’re giving people a touch every month that is not only easy but also valuable (and somewhat addicting).

5. Helps streamline the prospecting process.

  • The activity feed or weekly leads list should be their go-to for creating call lists.

  • Homebot gives them a reason to call past clients and prospects so that it's not just an awkward check-in - they can see who’s opening their digest and have conversations around that.

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