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Lender Workshop Series
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Written by Amanda Forney
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Interested in learning more about how to leverage your Homebot account? Sign up for one (or more!) of our workshops to stay up to date.

Are you a Real Estate Agent? Check out our trainings for agents here.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to boost client retention rates with automation

  • How to deliver the right content to your clients at the right time

  • How to differentiate your business from megabrands with mega-budgets

  • The importance of an integrated tech stack that allows you to work smarter, not harder

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • Deepen your real estate agent partnerships and build a referral network

  • Take action on your activity feed by using behavioral insights to turn engagement into transactions

  • Use your PURL to share Homebot and capture new leads

  • Leverage Homebot POWER UPs like BombBomb, Mortgage Coach & more!

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • How to create and nurture agent relationships

  • How to onboard and teach the basics to ensure they are successful on the platform

  • How to capitalize on leads sent from your agents, creating a deeper professional relationship

  • The importance of expanding your network both professionally and with your client base

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • Craft content that your clients will love, allowing you to save time and maintain a personal connection

  • Differentiate between video POWER UPs: BombBomb, Video Manager & Video Email

  • Create and customize videos like a pro with very little equipment

  • Access Homebot resources and free example scripts that will support your video creation strategy!

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • An overview of the product as well as some best practices to make the most out of Homebot Home Search

  • How to work smarter to win purchase business: turn your database into purchase hand-raisers

  • How to use enhanced listings to automatically engage purchase prospects the moment they start searching for their next home

  • How to generate new leads with a custom, branded search experience

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