1. Open the "Agent" tab at the top of your account and then select "Invite"

Important Note: If you're not on Pro already, by selecting "Take care of legalese" your account will automatically be upgraded as soon as one of your agents opts to pay for Homebot's services. 

2. Acknowledge that additional fees may apply if your agent purchases their own account (or if you're upgrading to Pro)

3. Turn the toggle on to show pink under "Help agents with cold feet"

4. Once the legalese is turned on, the invite box will become available to start sending out invitations! You can choose to invite them directly or send a share link to connect via your personal landing page.

Important Note: If the "Help agents with cold feet..." toggle isn't turned on (pink) it will not provide the realtor the Freemium option. You'll still be able to invite your agents but they will be prompted to pay for the service and you'll be charged the co-sponsoring fee.

Your Real Estate Agent will receive the following email:

To educate your Freemium agents on the power of Homebot, send them this free educational one-pager today!

Need help or have questions? We're here to support you! Send us a message using the pink chat icon to the bottom right of your screen!

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