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Intro to Refinancing Video Script
Intro to Refinancing Video Script

In this article, you'll find helpful scripting ideas and tips for creating your Intro to Refinancing video.

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Clients with a loan that is at least five months old will be able to explore potential refinancing scenarios.

Your video will be featured in the 30-year refinance scenario.

Learn how to embed this video and others into your client's Homebot experience here.


Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss how refinances work and how your clients can learn more about which option is best for them.

Recommended Talking Points or Script

  • Take 30-45 seconds to explain how refinancing works and when they should consider it.

“Refinancing can be a smart financial move if your mortgage has a higher interest rate compared to ones in the current market. Refinancing could not only lower your interest rate or shorten your payment schedule. It can save you money over time or even monthly! If you’re interested in exploring your options, I’d love to help you discover the best option for you based on your home and financial goals.”

  • Wrap up with a call to action: “Give me a call or shoot me a message here to talk it over together!”

Other ideas: Discuss your thoughts on when a client should consider refinancing.


Check out Homebot Pro, Grant Horvath's, example video:

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