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Using your Personalized URLs to Share Homebot and Capture New Clients
Using your Personalized URLs to Share Homebot and Capture New Clients

Your personalized URL options let new homeowner and buyer clients add themselves to your database and start getting Homebot for you.

Written by Leia Schultz
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What is a Personalized URL in Homebot?

Homebot makes it easy to capture new clients to add to your Homebot database. You have three unique experiences to gain new homeowners and buyers, which you can set up quickly across a few different digital domains.

Your Homebot personalized URLs (or, PURLs) let people sign up to receive Homebot from you. A PURL is a direct link to the Homebot content from you, and will always direct people who click it to your unique pages and branding. (An example of a "URL" is something you type into your internet browser, like

When people engage with your PURL and add their information, they'll automatically get relevant, personalized Homebot content that is all branded to you, so they can get familiar with their new go-to real estate or lending expert (you!).

Discover how to:

How it Works

Log into your Homebot account and click Share in the top navigation bar.

Select to share your page, share a link on Facebook, or embed a widget on your website.

Let's look at these different options to share your Homebot PURL for new client signups:

Share Your Page

Start by choosing which audience is right for your PURL's pre-built pages: homeowners, buyers, or property search prospects.

  • Real Estate Agents must have a Lender Co-Sponsor in Homebot to access Homebot for Buyers. The PURL for Property Search Leads and Homebot Home Search aren't available to Real Estate Agents at this time.

Copy your PURL. Some of Homebot's top producers paste it in easily accessible pages such as:

When a potential new client clicks your PURL, it'll take them to a page that includes your brand and contact information, and tells them about Homebot with prompts to start receiving Homebot from you and get them added to your database.

This PURL directs people to the Homebot Home Search homepage, where they can explore listings and enter their information to become a new client.

Pro tip! Give these new clients a call sooner rather than later to find out how serious they are about their home search!

Share On Social

If you use Facebook to promote your brand and business, share your PURL in posts with a few questions to attract the attention of potential new clients.

As of 10/16/23, Facebook updated its website, so these instructions no longer apply. We are actively working on figuring out how to help you share your PURL directly on Facebook from your Homebot account.

Facebook support consists of a Help Center only, with no live chat, so we wait patiently until they make updates on this particular topic.

This option will automatically create a Facebook post you can share with your target audience:

Embed A Widget

Put your PURL directly onto your website in a few simple steps, choosing from some customization options for the design you like best. This article provides a detailed walkthrough on how to do this.

Engage Your New Clients

Track the new clients generated by your PURL in your Homebot's Leads tab. You'll be able to see if they're a new homeowner client or new buyer client. And, you'll get an email notification for every new client captured by your PURL.

Next: Check out this article about ways to engage your new clients!

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