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Get to Know "For You" Galleries
Get to Know "For You" Galleries
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Galleries make it effortless for your clients and prospects to find their next home by providing curated 'done for you' searches accessible through monthly automated emails, Homebot’s client web experience, and the Homebot Mobile App.

These searches are uniquely tailored to your clients’ Homebot profiles and are powered by relevant market data (including national listings coverage), ensuring a personalized Homebot experience.

The "For You" Galleries page highlights listings that have recently sold or dropped in price, with more Galleries coming soon.

Image of "For You" galleries on the web:

Image of "For You" galleries on mobile:

Image of the Home Report Update email for homeowners featuring "For You" galleries:

Image of the Monthly Report email for buyers featuring "For You" galleries:

Be sure to check your Activity Feed for people viewing listings and contact them when the time is right. Learn how to use Homebot as a conversation starter here.

Real estate agents on Homebot will need a lender co-sponsor in order to provide curated galleries to clients and prospects. Here's an article explaining the benefits of having a lender co-sponsor and another on how to secure one.

Find out how Homebot is able to provide such an expansive home search experience in this article.

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