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How to Work With Co-sponsored Agents on Homebot
How to Work With Co-sponsored Agents on Homebot

Learn how you can foster a successful Homebot relationship with your Agents from the very beginning.

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The ideas below rely on the agent setting up their Homebot account and adding their past clients and prospects. If they haven't taken this crucial first step, begin with this article.

Start by meeting in person or hopping on a Zoom call to share your screen. If neither is possible, give the Agent a call to go over the following:

  1. Encourage them to go through their activity feed and offer to call top engaged homeowners and buyers together. Use these tips to coach them on how to use Homebot as a conversation starter.

  2. Collaborate on a video for their audience. This will boost engagement for the agent and boost visibility for you. Use Video Email or Video Manager to accomplish this. Pro Tip: make sure you have an Intro to Refinancing and Prequalification video loaded into your account as well. When you add these videos to your account, they'll show on the Agents' digests when enabled.

  3. Cross-reference your databases. See if there are business opportunities from the beginning by sorting your buyers' tab by move date and their homeowner tab by interest rate.

  4. Handoff CMA requests directly from your account. Learn how to do so here.

  5. Invite them to our live weekly workshops for Agents: Getting Started on Homebot and Best Practices for Agents.

Use your best judgment for how often you should be checking in with each other after the first meeting.

For additional support, use the pink chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your account to send our customer support team a direct message M-F 8 am-6 pm MST.

Note: If you share clients with your Agent(s), those clients will stop receiving the digest from you and it will only be sent from the Agent. To learn more, check out this article.

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