How to Manage Shared Clients
For Co-Sponsored Real Estate Agents & Loan Officers, learn how to manage mutual, overlapping clients.
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When Loan Officers and Agents partner, they maintain their own Homebot databases. Homebot cross-references client lists to find any shared clients between the Loan Officers & Agent. This ensures your client doesn't receive any duplicate digests.

Clients are considered shared when the email and home address are the same in the Loan Officer and Agents account.

Since Loan Officers are co-branded on every outgoing Digest sent from the Agent's Homebot, Homebot pauses the Digest sent from the Loan Officer and defaults to sending it from the Agent.

When a shared client reaches out, the Loan Officer will be contacted only regarding their mortgage. All other questions regarding their home, home value, and the market will be directed to the Agent.

Keep in mind; this only impacts shared clients. Co-sponsored Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers maintain separate accounts.

Shared clients can be tracked under your Homeowner tab in the Shared Clients subtab:

If you'd like to make changes for a client, click on their name and then select Enable Digest:

Note: In more complex cases where multiple properties under a Loan Officer share a single email address, they will not be paused automatically. Loan Officers can still individually disable those digests case-by-case on the client contact settings page shown above.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team through the pink chat button in the right-hand corner.

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