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Get to Know Partner Intel

Everything you need to know when getting started on Partner Intel.

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Partner Intel is designed to help Loan Officers partner with more agents, more effectively.

The user-friendly experience makes it easy to access curated agent insights, review historical productivity data, and develop personalized outreach that enhances your agent partnership strategy.

Partner Intel can be used for:

  1. Agent prospecting

  2. Understanding existing agent relationships

Ready to get started? Continue reading to learn how to find and use the information you need to create meaningful agent partnerships that expand your network and drive more business back to you.

This article will show you how to:

If you're encountering an error message saying "Something went wrong..." when accessing Partner Intel, it may be due to ad-blocking software.

We are currently working on a solution for this issue and apologize for the inconvenience. For further assistance, please contact customer support using the pink icon located at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Agent Prospecting

To search directly for your preferred agent, enter their name or company within the search box and click the blue search button.

Agent data is updated hourly.

In the image above (and in any images containing private details),agent names and contact information have been blurred for security reasons.

Continue your search with the following filters:

  1. Location

    1. This section will auto-filter to the state your office is in. However, you can X out to do a nationwide search instead.

  2. Transaction period

    1. 30 days

    2. 3 months

    3. 6 months

    4. 12 months

  3. Transaction count

  4. Percent buy-side

  5. Transaction volume

  6. Average selling price

PRO tip: Have you found a search strategy that matches your interests? Save it to receive email search alerts with agents who meet your criteria.

After filtering your search criteria, click the 'save search' button under your search filters. Then, label your search accordingly.

Agent details in Partner Intel

For each agent in Partner Intel, we'll provide you with the information below. It can be sorted by transaction count, buy-side count, percent, and volume.

  • Total transactions (within the time period you set)

  • Buy-side transactions

  • Volume

  • Number of loan officers they've worked with (within the time period you set)

  • Status on Homebot

    • Needs a Homebot cosponsor

    • Not on Homebot

    • Has a Homebot cosponsor

For the agents who are not on Homebot or need a cosponsor, send them an invite! More on how that works below.

Unsure of what it means to cosponsor agents? Discover the benefits of cosponsorship here.

Once you click into an Agent profile, the following information displays:

Performance and Market Share:

In this section, you will find an overview of agent performance and market share, which includes buy-side, listing-side, and double-side transaction volume. Here, you can gain insight into the lending companies and individual lenders that the agent has transacted with.

The Market Share module features interactive graphs. You can see a demonstration below.

The information in the graph can be exported to a PNG file by hovering over the graph's top right corner to reveal the vertical ellipsis and clicking Export > PNG.

Number of transactions:

This section contains both processed and processing (pending) transactions.

Please note that the loan data may take up to 30 days to process post-close. These transactions will be categorized under the Processing tab.

Active, pending, and coming soon listings.

Listing data is updated hourly and includes address, listing date, price, and upcoming open houses, if any.

Want more information about a particular listing? Simply click on an address to view listing details in Home Search without leaving Homebot.

Favorite Agents:

When considering an agent, you can favorite or "heart" them under the Favorite Agents tab so they'll be easier to find.

Once you’ve identified an agent that you’d like to partner with, easily connect with them via email or phone using the provided contact information.

Offering to co-sponsor an agent is an excellent way to initiate conversation and kickstart your relationship! Learn how to pitch Homebot and secure agent partners in our weekly training. Register for that here.

To send an invite, select their profile and click Invite:

Once you click Invite, the following notification will appear:

IMPORTANT: Additional costs will apply if an agent accepts your invitation and chooses the pro plan. More pricing information is available here, and details on how cosponsorship works can be found here.

Once you acknowledge additional costs and click "Send invite," the agent will receive an email on your behalf, in line with their status on Homebot.

An agent not yet on Homebot will receive the email below that includes an explainer video and demo:

An agent who is on Homebot without a lender co-sponsor, will receive the following email:

Understand existing agent relationships

The Connections tab will display all the agents with whom you have completed at least one buy-side transaction. You can filter, sort, and search this information by agent name. This module is a valuable tool for gaining insight into the status of your current relationships and identifying missed opportunities.

Need some inspiration? Check out the following search strategies:

  • Expand your network at a brokerage by searching for companies and narrowing down to find emerging stars or agents with a similar level of business.

  • Nurture and better understand existing agent relationships through the market share module. You can find out which of your agents are working with other lenders

  • Browse through agents conducting buy-side transactions using the available filters.

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