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How much is the Lender Cosponsorship fee?
How much is the Lender Cosponsorship fee?

Learn the cost of co-sponsoring

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Curious about the costs related to cosponsorship?

In order to adhere to RESPA guidelines,

  • Loan officers are charged a monthly co-sponsorship fee of $25 per month, per cosponsored agent, in addition to their subscription cost.

  • Real Estate agents are charged a monthly subscription cost of $25 on the Real Estate Pro plan (plus a one-time setup fee of $50).

*Please note that these are separate charges and billed to the user which owns the account.

If you have an agent in mind you can use your Agents tab at the top of your profile and invite them to be co-sponsored by you!

Please note: Pricing may vary by company agreement. Please reach out to your account administrator with questions related to pricing if you are on an Enterprise account. 

Ready to get started? Here are your next steps:

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  2. Customize your Co-Sponsorship profile to stand out to Real Estate Agents and their clients!

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