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How to Leverage Client Data to Find Hot Leads
How to Leverage Client Data to Find Hot Leads

Learn how to use your client data to find great outreach opportunities

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Once you've added your clients, you can proactively leverage their information to find hot outreach opportunities that will make both you and your client happy!

You can do this by sorting their data:

And if your reports have been sending for a month or more, you can use your Activity Feed. Be sure to check out some outreach ideas at the bottom of this article.


To get started, click on the Homeownerstab and then sort by the rate column to order your clients from highest rate to lowest. Once sorted, compile clients who are overdue for refinance:

You can also sort by Est. Equity to find clients may be interested in leveraging their equity through a cash-out refi or purchase another home.

If you aren't sure if they're eligible for a refi, you can view their digest to see if the refi module is showing:

If they're refi eligible, you'll see refi scenarios under their Principle & Interest payment breakdown:

If you're a Mortgage Coach user, you can create a TCA directly from your client's profile by clicking on your client's name under CREATE MORTGAGE COACH TCA:


From your Buyers tab, sort by Move date to find all of your clients with approaching move dates that have yet to pre-qualify:

Reach out to your client about pre-qualification. While you're at it, ask if they're working with an agent yet. Using their zip codes of interest help connect them to someone in the area to assist in finding a home.

Gain further insight into your client by viewing their engagement history

Before you make that call, you might consider digging a bit deeper. On every homeowner and buyer profile lives a personal activity feed, showing you all of their actions and behavior:

Leverage this information to understand your client's intent and prioritize clients who've been getting busy on the reports.

Need some outreach ideas? We have a few:

  • Call them directly, ask them how they're doing, how they like the report, and see if they have any questions!

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