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How to proactively create a TCA with Mortgage Coach

Learn how to create a Total Cost Analysis from within Homebot.

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Jumpstart the refi process & save yourself some time by creating a total cost analysis (TCA) for your client through Homebot!

Watch our video and follow the steps below:

  1. Filter by rates to find client's that are likely eligible (see steps below)

  2. Use a Homebot refi scenario to generate a TCA from your client's digest

  3. Follow up with TCA from Mortgage Coach and call your client!

From your Clients tab, select the Homeowners sub-tab to sort your clients by rate:

Review your list of high rate clients, select a likely eligible client, then click on their name under CREATE MORTGAGE COACH TCA. It'll take you to the refi scenario to start building out their Total Cost Analysis:

Walkthrough each of the steps to generate the refi scenario:

The TCA is now created in your Mortgage Coach account under the Automated tab:

Customize their rates with your fee templates and follow up with a phone call to talk them through it. If they don't answer, follow up with a video from Mortgage Coach walking them through their options & the associated costs.

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