Through Homebot, you’ve been educating your homeowners about their home wealth and empowering them to make smart financial decisions about their largest investment.

Now with Mortgage Coach’s total cost analysis, you're taking that conversation one step farther. Clients can compare rates + savings at the click of a button, allowing them to compare options and creating an opportunity for a meaningful conversation.

Best Practice #1 - Automate your TCA on Homebot

From the navigation bar, select the Customize tab and then select "+Get Started". Be sure to have your Mortgage Coach API key on hand.

Once you've entered in your Mortgage Coach account information, select "No Review, client receives TCA immediately" - allowing your client to compare rates right away.

Homebot will email and text you as soon as your client makes the request. This is where knowing your client's financial goals is key.

Lining up your client's financial goals with their mortgage is how you ensure they remain a client for life.

If you know your client's goals, send them a text letting them know you'll follow up with a detailed report.

Ex: "Hi Holly! I received your request for a total cost analysis for a refinance, I'll follow up in the next hour with a detailed report that includes the closing costs and any associated fees. Feel free to give me a call when you receive it."

If you have yet to learn your client's financial goals, take advantage of the opportunity, and give them a call directly.

Mortgage Coach provides an excellent form for filling out their goals and walking them through scenarios. Be sure to follow up your call with an email including their breakdown.

Can't get a hold of them? Send them their report and set a reminder to follow up with them the next day.

HOT TIP - Use BombBomb to send your client their TCA

Using video to explain their various refi scenarios and how they may align with their financial goals is the key to securing this deal.

Best Practice #2 - Create your fee templates in Mortgage Coach

Investing in creating templates is the best way to ensure quick transactions that result in satisfied and empowered clients.

Mortgage Coach allows you to create and use fee templates to make this process easier, learn more about that here.

Not convinced on sending TCA automatically? We have an alternative strategy for you:

1. Set your TCA integration to send the TCA automatically within an hour.

2. As soon as you get the text email/determine whether you know their goals.

If you do, then immediately:

3. Customize their TCA with goals, points, fees, and other elements that truly personalize the comparison.

If you don't know their financial goals, we highly advise you call first to get a better understanding of their intended outcomes.

With or without knowing personal goals:

4. Record a video introducing them to their TCA

5. Sit back and let Homebot send the email when the clock hits 60 minutes.

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