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Common Agent Objections and How To Handle Them Like a Pro
Common Agent Objections and How To Handle Them Like a Pro

Use this article to help you prepare for pitching Agents on Homebot

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You've invited agents to work with you on Homebot and you've practiced your pitch! To get you better prepared for the meeting, we've listed some common objections from Agents and how you can answer them like a pro.

  1. The values aren't perfect

  • The home value estimates are a starting point.

  • The value can be adjusted by the client and the agent at any time. Once adjusted, the value will change according to the market each month

  • Encourage them to treat every interaction as an opportunity to position themselves as an advisor or expert. For example, they can provide their professional opinion by offering a CMA.

2. My database isn't big enough

  • Agents can sign up on the Freemium plan which allows them to add up to 25 clients at no cost to either of you.

  • If they don’t have clients yet, they can get started by adding their friends, family, and neighbors.

  • They can also use their personalized landing pages to try and generate new leads with Homebot.

3. My data is messy and unorganized

  • As long as they can provide a spreadsheet with the basic information we are looking for, our data team will upload it into their account.

  • We have a dedicated customer support team, help center, and live training to assist.

4. I don’t have time to manage my account

  • Once they get their data into Homebot, they can sit back and let us do the rest! We do, however, recommend checking their activity tab or weekly leads email once per week to view their most engaged subscribers.

  • If they have an assistant, they can give them access by sharing their account credentials.

5. I already have an IDX for buyers, what's the point of using Homebot?

  • There's so much more to Homebot than providing a search experience. Buyers can also request to be prequalified and explore short-term rental potential on listings they're interested in.

  • If they connect our native Home Search experience instead of their IDX, they'll be providing personalized financial insights on listings nationwide. (They'll need a lender co-sponsor to add buyers)

Want to dive a little deeper? Sign up for our Landing Agent Partners workshop for example scripts and more!

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