How to Format Your File for Adding Clients in Bulk

Learn how to format your file and reference our ready-to-download templates!

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Having a well-organized upload file helps to ensure faster and more successful imports! In this article, you’ll discover:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to bulk upload your clients

  • Requirements for uploading + complimentary templates

  • Error avoidance and other tips

Include all required information: When preparing your file for upload, ensure that you have included all the necessary information required by the system. One way to view the requirements is by navigating to the bulk upload page from within your account. You can do this by selecting the Add Clients Tab.

Then, select Add Clients in Bulk:

On this page, the requirements for Homeowners and Buyers files are listed. You can also download the ready-to-use templates for your reference:

  • Homeowners template HERE

  • Buyers template HERE

Split and organize data into corresponding columns: To ensure effective data organization, it is essential to split your data into distinct columns that correspond to each data point. Be sure to include clear and informative headers at the top of each column, enabling easy identification of the different categories. Following this step plays a vital role in enhancing data clarity, simplifying analysis, and minimizing the risk of misinterpretation or errors.

Example of proper formatting:

Validate the file before uploading: Take a moment to ensure data accuracy and correctness by thoroughly validating your file. Double-check that the data appears as expected and is free of any errors or inconsistencies.

Upload to your account! You can either drag and drop your file, or choose your file from your computer. Make sure that your file is in either a .csv, .xls, .xlsx, or .xlsm format. Once your file is uploaded, our team will import them to your account. Within 5-7 business days, you’ll receive an email from our team confirming that your new clients are uploaded! For more information on how to upload your clients, view THIS article.

Requirements for Uploading:


Required Fields (Don’t have loan data? We’ll pull it from public record!):

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Property Address

  • Property Zip

Add any additional property owner's contact information so they can receive Homebot too!

Required Fields for Loan Data Upload

We'll use your loan data in conjunction with the public record to populate the most accurate data:

  • Total Loan Amount

  • Interest Rate

  • Loan Term (# of Months)

  • Loan Purpose (Refi, Purchase, Etc)

  • Closing Date

  • NMLS Loan Originator ID

  • NMLS Loan Type

  • Lender NMLS ID

Highly Recommended Fields

These are especially important if you are in rural areas or non-disclosure states.

  • Sold Price

  • Appraised Value

Recommended Fields:

  • Insurance Policy Start Date

  • DOBs (MM/DD/YYY) to activate the reverse mortgage module

  • Monthly Mortgage Insurance Premium

  • Loan Number (can be used in the future when integrating with the Homebot API)


Required Fields

  • First & last name

  • Email

Highly Recommended Fields

  • Zipcodes of interest

  • Max Loan Amount

  • Downpayment

  • Max Home Price

  • Preapproved

Additional Fields Available

  • Estimated Rate

  • Loan Type

  • Loan Term Months

  • Loan Adjustable

  • Loan ARM Years Initial

  • Expires At

Tips to Avoid Errors in Your File

  • Make sure you have all the required information based on your file type

  • Ensure your file is not a purchased list with no email opt-ins

  • If you are a Real Estate Agent or Insurance Agent and want to upload a Buyers file, ensure you are partnered with a Lender Co-Sponsor. If you are not, you will not be able to access your Buyers data until you partner with one. Learn how to partner with a Lender Co-Sponsor HERE.

  • Make sure that Borrowers and Co-Borrowers are included on the same row of your file

  • If you have multiple files you wish to upload, we encourage you to consolidate your data into one file before uploading

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