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How to Farm Buyers for Leads
How to Farm Buyers for Leads

Learn how to turn your Buyer's database into a call list

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Homebot organizes client data in such a way that it becomes an incredible tool for sourcing leads for your business.

In this article, you'll get top producer tips for how you can turn your Buyers into Homeowners, and Homeowners into listings in just four steps:

#1 Identify buying intent using your Activity Feed

Here are some examples of Activity tags that show buying intent:

Additional activity tags that indicate clients might be interested in buying are:

  • requested CMA

  • viewed home's market

  • very active buyer

  • favorited listings

  • started buyer onboarding

#2 Sort buyers by price point

Action 1: From your buyer's tab, click the arrows next to price point to sort from high to low:

Action 2: Create a list of buyers with a price point, preview their profile, and reach out to them for a better understanding of their intentions to buy

#3 Sort Homeowners by value

Action 1: From your Homeowners tab, click the arrows next to value to sort from high to low:

Action 2: Create a list of Homeowners with a value that match your buyers list from step 2, preview their digest to understand their position, and reach out to them.

โ€‹Outreach strategy:

Read, How to farm Homeowners for Leads, for strategies on engaging Homeowners who are in a position to sell.

#4 Match Buyers price point with Homeowners value

Now that you've gathered information, created your lists, and determined who's a serious buyer and who's interested in selling, it's time to make those connections:

  • Offer Homeowners a professional CMA, let them know you have potential buyers

  • Offer a prequalification for your buyers, let them know you have active or off-market listings they might be interested in.

If you don't have any homeowners interested in selling, lenders should reach out to their agent partners for active listings.

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