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How to Leverage Buyer Data & Discover Outreach Opportunities
How to Leverage Buyer Data & Discover Outreach Opportunities

Learn how to use your client data to create clients for life!

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In this article, we'll go over features of the buyer's tab, where the data comes from, and highlight potential conversation starters between you and your client.

Features on the buyer's tab include:

When a client provides any or all of the above information, it will then be reflected on the buyer's tab:


Move date

This column of information comes from the buyer's timeline module within the buyer's report:

Move date information can be sorted to show clients with a move date that's quickly approaching, so you can reach out to them first.

Do so by clicking on the up and down arrows next to "move date":

HOT TIP: Reach out to your client to get a better understanding of their intentions to move. Find out if they're working with an agent yet and if they've yet to get pre-qualified, encourage them to do so to increase their chances!

Price point

When your clients start their home search through Homebot, they'll provide you with a price point they feel they can afford:

This column can be sorted from highest price point to lowest by clicking on the up and down arrows next to "price point":

HOT TIP 1: This is a great opportunity to call your client to understand how they landed on that price and gauge where they're at in the buyer's journey. If appropriate, find out if they're working with an agent or are interested in getting pre-qualified.

PRO TIP: Set aside some time to actually sit down with agents to show them how you can refer clients to their listings that are within their price point. Use this opportunity to nurture your agents and show them the potential of co-sponsoring together on Homebot.


Your clients can request a pre-qualification from you directly through the buyer's report:

The countdown feature will be a signal for you to reach out to your client to see how their home search is going and if you can help them in any way:

HOT TIP: Does your client have a move date and a budget but no pre-qual? This a great opportunity to reach out to them and find out. Pitch yourself and your services, so they know what to expect from working with an expert like you!


When your client starts exploring markets, they'll favorite or "heart" the areas of town they like the most:

Clients can favorite as many zip codes as they want, and on your end, it will look like this:

HOT TIP: Call your client and see if they're working with an agent. If they are, ask for their email to share your report so the agent can better support your client. If they aren't, ask them if they'd like to start seeing properties in that area.

Reach out to your agents who work in those regions, sit down with them to review your clients that would be interested in hearing from them and receiving listings!

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