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When will the homeowner and buyer reports be sent?
When will the homeowner and buyer reports be sent?

Learn when you can expect the reports to get sent to your clients.

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Delivery of reports depends on the way your clients are added to your account. You can either add clients one at a time or add clients in bulk.

Be sure to check your digest settings to ensure the reports are turned on to go out automatically each month (toggled pink) or to pause them (toggle grey).

Adding clients one at a time:

When you add clients one at a time, they'll receive the welcome email and their first report the following day at no specific time.

Adding clients in bulk:

When clients are added in bulk, allow the data team 3-7 business days to go through your spreadsheet. They'll scrub for duplicates and make sure they have everything they need. If necessary data is missing, they'll reach out to you using the email associated with your account. Once your data has been added, we'll send the reports over the course of 7 business days, regardless of how many clients you've provided.

For example, if you give us 70 clients, we'll send the report to 10 clients per day, for 7 days to ensure your inbox doesn’t get overwhelmed with inquiries and leads!

Once someone receives their first report, we'll send it automatically every 30 days after that - there's no specific time of the month reports are sent.

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