Add pre-qual data for your buyers to create a smarter search experience!

Has your buyer lead been pre-qualified? Homebot allows you to enter the pre-qual information into their buyer profile, optimizing their home search experience by helping them find markets that best match their finances and priorities. 

We've also made it easier than ever for leads to request a pre-qual from within their Market Report, sending a direct message right to your inbox.

At this point, if you haven't run numbers for this client, you will want get in touch with them. Once the pre-qual is complete, let's see how to enter that information into their buyer profile

How do I add a pre-qual to one of my buyers?

You can add pre-quals or pre-approvals manually within the buyer profile or via bulk import. See the video below to see how to manually add a pre-qual for your buyers. Once your lead has been added to your buyer database, click into their profile to "Add Pre-Qual". Be sure to click the pink "Add Pre-Qual" button when you're finished. 

Your buyer's market report will now be optimized to the specifications your set, adjusting their price point and letting them know once the pre-qual expiration date has passed. Adding a pre-qual expiration date keeps your leads hot by reminding them when their pre-qual expires.

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