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How to Edit a Buyer's Profile

Learn how to edit and update your buyers information, price point, and add a pre-qual or pre-approval.

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From your client's buyers profile, you can update the following information:

  • Update their buyer profile information: contact information, favorite markets, language preferences, and the estimated price point.

  • Add a pre-qual: Loan amount, downpayment, max price point, estimated rate, term, loan type, expiration date (MM/DD/YYYY).


To find your buyer, select Clients from the top right of your navigation bar, then select Buyers:

Once there, you can search and select your client to view their profile and make necessary updates:

Click on the blue pencil next to the buyer's name to update their information:

Add Pre-Qual

Next to the Pre-Quals section, select the +Add Pre-Qual button as illustrated below:

Checkmark to denote if This is a Pre-Approval. You'll also need to click to "acknowledge that the above Pre-Qual information aligns with formal documentation provided to this client, in accordance with my company's compliance regulations."

Once done, click the Add Pre-Qual button to save.

Once the prequalification information is added, the buyer's report will live update to reflect their loan information:

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