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How to Share Homebot to Social Media Sites
How to Share Homebot to Social Media Sites

Learn how to invite new leads via social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Personal Website, etc)

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Did you know you can build your client network by sharing your Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media sites?

From your navigation bar, select Share; you'll have the option to:

Anyone who signs up will automatically be added to your client list and start receiving their monthly digest.

Sharing on Facebook

Review the available options, click the Share button to post to your Facebook:

  • "What is your home worth?"

  • "What could your home rent for?"

  • "Can you afford another home?"

You can share it in the following places:

  • On your Timeline

  • On a friend's Timeline

  • Groups

  • Events

  • Pages you manage

When sharing on Facebook, to post on your business page (instead of your page), click on the drop-down arrow next to "Share on your own Timeline" and select "Share on a Page you manage."This will allow you to post to your business Facebook page:

When a potential lead clicks on your post, they will be directed to your Homebot sign-up page with your branding:

Once they add their home address, they'll see a snapshot of their report and be prompted to enter in their email to unlock the full report. We'll notify you via email right away:

Next, be sure to add a custom welcome video to greet your new lead!

Have additional questions or would like further support? Please send us a chat using the pink message icon in the bottom right-hand corner!

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