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Partnering with an agent on Homebot Home Search
Partnering with an agent on Homebot Home Search
Written by Ashley Remstad
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โ€‹What is Homebot Home Search?

Homebot Home Search allows your clients (and your co-sponsored real estate agent clients) to browse homes for sale with a smarter, simpler twist: They'll see personalized insights on each property listing so they make smart home finance decisions with confidence. Each listing's financial insights are calculated from the client's budget and current market data, making it easy and fun to understand affordability and if a home is a smart purchase.

How does my real estate agent partner get access to Homebot Home Search?

Home Search is available for free to any real estate agent on Homebot with a co-sponsored loan officer. This allows you to develop deep relationships with real estate agents by offering a custom listing and search experience via Home Search. To offer this to your agent partners, simply send them a co-sponsorship invite.

How am I positioned to the real estate agent's clients and prospects?

The co-sponsored real estate agent and loan officer appear under the "Your Team" tab within the Home Search experience.

How will I be contacted from clients?

The prequalificaation direct message will be delivered to both you and the agent. This allows you to be immediately notified of any pre approval opportunities, while keeping you and your real estate agent aligned on buyer progress.

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