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How to Complete a Pre-Qual Request from the Tasks Tab
How to Complete a Pre-Qual Request from the Tasks Tab

Learn how lenders can use the task list to complete pre-qualification requests.

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Clients and prospects can request to be prequalified from within their Buyer's Market Report or Home Search experience. When a pre-qual is requested, we'll send a direct message right to your inbox.

If they've previously been prequalified, they can request a renewal:

Read on to see how to enter pre-qual information into their buyer profile once it's completed.

If a client requests a pre-qual, it will appear in your Tasks tab. This could be a client who has a home in Homebot or a client classified as a Buyer because they don't have a home address in Homebot yet.

The Tasks tab is only visible on Lender accounts.

PRO TIP: Adding a pre-qual expiration date keeps your clients engaged by reminding them when their pre-qual expires.

Alternatively, you can add them manually within a client's buyer profile or via bulk import.

You can add pre-quals or pre-approvals directly from the Tasks tab. Add pre-qualification data for your buyers to create a smarter search experience.

Homebot allows you to enter the pre-qualification information into buyers' profiles, optimizing their home search experience by helping them find markets that best match their finances and priorities.

You can add a pre-qual in a couple other ways:

  • Through a bulk import for buyers

  • Manually adding information to a buyer profile

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