How to Override Your Lender's Video and Add Your Own

Working with various lenders and looking to add your own generic video? Learn how to add your own here!

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You may have received an email notification that your sponsoring lender has added custom videos that will show to your clients in the pre-qualification and refinancing section of your client's reports.

Allowing your clients to hear from a mortgage expert directly and better support your clients with their overall home wealth!

The email will look like this:

If you distribute your leads to various lenders, you can easily override this by adding your own video. Select 'Manage Videos' from the email notification to get started or go directly to Video Manager under your Customize tab.

Select the video option you'd like to update:

Once on the page, select the 'Edit' button:

From there, select the video platform you'd like to use (check out our list of options and instructions here):

Once your video is added, click 'Preview Video' to confirm it's the right one:

Once you've reviewed the video, select the 'Looks good to me' button:

Then, click the compliance box to acknowledge that you are following your companies compliance regulations - once done, the 'Save' button will be available to you:

Click save and boom! You've uploaded your own video! Why stop there? Keep adding your custom videos to optimize your client reports!

Have questions? You know where to find us! Send us a chat using the pink bubble icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

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