How Video Manager Works for Co-Sponsored Agents

If you're in a co-sponsored relationship - learn how Video Manager works for you both!

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Video Manager is a fantastic way to stay in front of your clients with personalized messages embedded in their favorite reports!

If you're in a co-sponsored relationship, any finance-related videos by the lender will show for the agent's clients! That way, they can hear direct from the lender themselves!

Lenders videos shown on the agent's client digest are:

Anytime a lender adds a video that will be shown on the agent's outgoing client reports. The agent will be notified right away via email:

As an agent, if you'd rather add your own - no problem! Follow the steps here to add your own video.

As a lender, you can disable this feature! Only videos related to financing will be able to be shown on your sponsored agents' client reports.

To change this, go to your video and select 'Disable':

Homebot will have you confirm, select 'Yes, disable' to do so:

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