Homebot is committed to you staying with your client through the full life cycle of homeownership - whether it's their first time buying or selling, they're serial investors, or they're ready to find that vacation home they've always dreamed of.

If your client is already a homeowner and interested in buying, they can automatically opt themselves into Buyers or you can add them to Buyers as well!

In this article, we'll discuss how through Homebot homeowners can become buyers, how buyers can become homeowners and the implications of it on your account.


Clients with enough equity ($20,000 or =/> 20%) will see our Buyers module.

This module shows your clients various options they can take with their equity:

If your client selects any of these options, they'll have the ability to start a search directly from Homebot. That'll activate buyers and you'll receive an email notification:

You can also automatically add your Homeowner to the Buyers side by turning on the Buyer Profile when manually adding your client:

Want to learn more about the buyer's side? Check this article out.


As of now, Homebot has no way of knowing if a buyer successfully makes a purchase. If one of your buyers has purchased a new home, you'll want to add them to the homeowner's side.

Buyers also have the option of adding themselves into your homeowner side:

If a buyer becomes a homeowner or adds their home, they'll continue to receive Market Reports and the Digest. You can delete them from the buyer's side so they no longer receive those emails.

What if my client is both a Homeowner and a Buyer in the system?

If a client with the same email is both a Homeowner and a Buyer, this will count as one against your client capacity, rather than two.

Note: The emails need to be the same as that is the unique identifier for the client.

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