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Instructions for Custom Listings URL

Having some trouble adding your Custom Home Search? This article will help!

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The best way to check and see if your URL is compatible with our search is to follow the steps below!

Step 1: Search a zip code on your site within the search box! (See photo below)

Step 2: Take a look at your address bar after you’ve searched a zip code - does the zip code appear somewhere in the URL? 

If YES, continue to step 3! 

If NO, our site may not be compatible to host your Custom Home Search site.

Step 3: You may now see a complex URL like the one here: 

This URL is for example purposes only:

Step 4: This step is the most important - so follow it closely - replace the zip code shown (80211) in this example with {zipcode} - yes include those fabulous brackets!

Step 5: Your new URL should now look something like this:{zipcode}/single family/57383746/homebotrocks/homebotisthebest/5b8977f2/bathcount/c3abfb018665e470

Step 6: You can now paste your URL into our nifty “Paste listing URL” field and preview! If it looks good check off the “Looks good?” Box and click “Save”! 

Did you made it to Step 3 and something doesn’t look quite right? Send us a chat with your link and one of our AWESOME Support Reps will check it out! Happy Homebotting!

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