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Learn how to turn on your POWER UPs and discover great practices for implementing them into your workflow!

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A Homebot POWER UP can allow you to integrate Homebot with your favorite tools and gives you additional tools to drive great results with Homebot.

This article covers the additional features available to you, provides instructions for activating them, and offers clickable links to best practices.

DISCLAIMER: Based on your billing plan, you may not see one or some of the POWER UP's mentioned below.

Find all POWER UP's under the Customize tab:

Skip to each POWER UP using the links below:


DISCLAIMER: Your POWER UP's may vary due to your billing plan. Please contact customer support using the pink icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.


The mortgage coach integration allows you to give your clients to on-demand or personalized TCA’s. This POWER UP requires an account with Mortgage Coach.

Learn how to turn on and leverage Mortgage Coach here.


Record and send your clients a personalized video about their digest or markets. This POWER UP requires an account with BombBomb.

Learn how to turn on and leverage BombBomb here.


Keep your clients up to date with industry trends and rates with weekly video emails. With video email, you can send custom video emails to your homeowners or buyers using Homebot's reports.

Learn how to use Video Email here.


Your clients and prospects can now easily reach you through their Homebot experience. They no longer need to check their email or go through an internet browser to view their homeowner digest or buyer report. With the Homebot Mobile App, you'll be just one tap away.

Learn more about the mobile app here.


With Video Manager, you can embed educational videos throughout the homeowner and buyer reports, adding more value to what Homebot already offers.

Learn more about Video Manager here.

Have your own property listing site (preferred IDX) or partnered with someone who does? Tailor your client's search listing platform to guide them to their perfect home by adding your home search URL. This is included for free in your Homebot Pro account.

Learn how to add your custom home search URL here.


Help educate your clients about instant offers while keeping them as your lead. This is included for free in your Homebot Pro account.

Learn more about turning on Instant Offer Interest and discover best practices here.


Zapier is a POWER UP integration that enables you to link your CRM tool with your Homebot account. Once connected, your contacts will be automatically synced to your account.

Learn more about Zapier here.

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