Now Homebot can work even harder for you — and make your clients' experience even more seamless. Differentiate your Homebot while also saving yourself some time by turning on Power Ups! 

Customize your client's portal:

Save time by integrating your favorite tools! Now in beta... (what does beta mean?)

  • Zapier
  • Mortgage Coach
  • Sales Boomerang

Ready to electrify your Homebot? Here's how to set up your Power Ups:

1. From your homepage, select the Customize tab

2. Select the "Power Ups" tab

3. Click "+ Get Started" with the tool of choice and follow the prompts to connect your account

4. Once connected, you'll see the tool shows a green check mark saying "Connected"

5. Repeat the following steps for all the power ups you'd like to activate

Have questions? We're here to help! Don't hesitate to give us a call (720-432-1115 *3 for Support) , send us an email, or shoot us a message via the pink help bubble to the bottom right of the screen. 

DISCLAIMER: Your Power Ups may vary due to your company's agreement with Homebot and your billing plan (some of these features are available to pro only). Please contact your local administrator with questions.

Note: iBuyer is coming in March!

Are we missing a Power Up that you'd like to see integrated with Homebot? Tell us here.

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