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Pitch an Agent Video Example + Script
Pitch an Agent Video Example + Script

Create a video that stands out to potential Agent partners on Homebot who do not have a Lender Co-Sponsor.

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Real Estate Agents on Homebot have the ability to browse Lenders in their area and send an invitation to those they would like to partner with. To make yourself stand out, consider adding a video introducing yourself.

Learn how to embed video this video and others into your client's Homebot experience here.

You can add your video by going to your Customize tab, selecting Videos, and selecting the 'Pitch an Agent' video from the bottom of the page, or use the button below:


Create a video explaining what makes you an excellent partner for Agents in your area. Here's how:

  1. Introduce yourself.

    Ex: “Hi, my name is Grant Hovarth with E.G., Demo Mortgage.”

  2. Tell them what makes you a great partner.

    Ex: “I’m a Homebot Pro who can help ensure you make the most of your account and support any other marketing initiatives you have.”

  3. Encourage them to reach out to you or send the invite.

    Ex: “Want to chat more about working together on Homebot? Send me an email or give me a call. Or go ahead and just send me an invite through the Cosponsor tab in your account — I’m excited to work with you!”

Check out an example video from our very own Grant Hovarth:

Have questions or need support? Send us a direct message using the pink icon at the bottom right.

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