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Working With a Lender Cosponsor
How to Work with Your Lender Cosponsor on Homebot
How to Work with Your Lender Cosponsor on Homebot

If you’re considering or have partnered with a Lender on Homebot, learn what to expect and best practices for managing your relationship.

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Whether you've already partnered with a Lender or you're considering it, knowing what to expect and when, plus how to handle it, is key to a successful experience for you, your clients, and the Lender.

In this article, we'll cover the following:

Watch this video to learn more and find in-depth information + step-by-step tutorials below:


If you and your Co-Sponsored Lender have the same clients in your respective accounts, they will automatically receive Homebot from you rather than the Lender.

Since the Lender's information is co-branded on all home finance content, you and the lender will be notified if one of your clients asks a financially focused question.


Every time a client sends you a question related to their mortgage, both you and your Lender partner will be notified via email (see image below for an example):

Here's when you can expect your Lender to be notified:

From the Should You Sell Now Feature -

From the Refinance Module -

From the Additional Payments Module -

From the Equity Explorer Module -

Your Lender partner can respond directly to the email to contact your client!

If this client already has a preferred Lender they work with, let your Homebot Co-Sponsor know and ensure them you'll let them know of any eligible opportunities in the future.

You can send your Lender partner a copy of your client's digest by going to the Homeowners tab, searching and selecting their profile, clicking on 'Send Home Email', and adding their email address.

Have questions or need support? Contact customer support by sending a direct message using the pink icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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