Homeowners: Should You Sell - Video Script

In this article, you'll find helpful scripting ideas and tips for creating your Should You Sell video.

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Clients who are interested in selling their homes can get a better understanding of their selling position through the 'Should You Sell' feature. You can add more value to what Homebot already offers by including a short video breaking down the critical factors that go into selling at the right time.


For clients who are digging into selling scenarios, educate them on reasons why they should consider selling or holding.

Talking Points and Scripting Ideas

  • Introduce yourself

“Grant here with Homebot Loans.”

  • You could discuss whether it makes sense to sell or hold based on their cash position or market conditions.

“There's so much that goes into this decision, whether your market is in demand, how much appreciation you've had in your property over time, and of course the equity position and how much you could be making from the sale of your property..."

  • Wrap up with a call to action

“If you have questions or if you're interested in potentially listing your home, we would be happy to connect you with one of our real estate professionals, or you could give us a call or text and we'd be happy to send you an analysis."


Check out Homebot Pro, Grant Horvath's, example video:

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