In this article, we’ll go over the differences between the various video options available through Homebot:

Default Videos

Default explainer videos are available in the digest to every Homebot user and can be replaced with customized videos by users on a Pro plan. Anytime a custom video is deleted, the default will show by default.

Video Manager

Benefits of using Video Manager

  • Weave your branding directly into the Homeowners digest and Buyer's report

  • Set it and forget it - no need to continually create content

  • Easily scale your expertise

When to use Video Manager

Carve out some time to create your videos and upload them into the system. Our algorithm will ensure your clients see the content at the perfect time.

Types of videos that work well with Video Manager

Evergreen content that shows your clients that you are the expert to turn to:

  • Warm introduction videos - "I'm here to help!"

  • Highlight Homebot features - "Discover what you can afford using the equity in your home!"

Learn more about Video Manager HERE


Benefits of using BombBomb

  • Personalized 1:1 client outreach - maintain client relationships

  • Ability to track video engagement statistics

When to use BombBomb

From your activity tab, locate the clients with the most activity, and make a list of who you should contact. Preview an individual's digest to understand their situation better, then create a video walking them through the report.

Types of videos that work well with BombBomb

Give your clients warm, personalized coaching about how to use Homebot to build wealth.

Learn more about BombBomb HERE

Video Email

Benefits of using Video Email

  • Send to large groups of clients at once

  • Easily scale your expertise

When to use Video Email

Use this video feature to communicate with groups of clients once per week. The video email is sent separately from and in addition to their monthly home value email.

Types of videos that work well with Video Email

Market updates or real estate inventory announcements would be perfect for this type of video messaging. You can send videos to three separate groups: all homeowners, buyers, and clients who are ripe for a refi.

Learn more about Video Email HERE

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