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How to Approach, Connect & Build Rapport with Agents
How to Approach, Connect & Build Rapport with Agents

Scripts, tips, and resources to start engaging with agents you want to co-sponsor.

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Building relationships with Agents before partnering with them on Homebot is vital - but where do you meet Agents and make those connections to start building relationships?

In this article, we'll cover some authentic and effective ways for you to:


First, which agents should you consider approaching?

We recommend starting with warm agents, the individuals you already have a history with. These are the people you've already done a loan with, helped their clients with refi's, or you've written a pre-qualification letter for someone in their network. Reach out to them with a call or text message instead of a cold email.

Then there are those agents with whom you don't have a working relationship yet. If you've never done a transaction together, the best way to get them interested in Homebot is to show them the Homeowners Digest and Buyers Report, ideally face to face.

We recommend meeting these agents by:

  • Attending agent networking groups

  • Attending an agent's caravan or "Broker's Open," where they pitch their listings

  • Visiting their open houses

TIP: Show agents how to grow their database using Homebot's personalized lead capture page at their open houses.


Once you've connected with an agent, establish a rapport by asking questions that show you're committed to their success. This can help you create trust and build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Get them to talk about themselves (their success + pain points):

  • How are you doing this season?

  • What's working?

  • How are you staying top-of-mind?

  • How are you engaging clients? How are the results?

  • Have them interact with the product in some way, like signing them up to receive Homebot

  • Follow up with a personal touch like a text message or postcard.


We've made it easier than ever to partner with Real Estate Agents using Homebot who have yet to partner with a Lender.

Un-sponsored Agents may see your Co-Sponsorship profile and send an invite to you directly to Co-Sponsor! Stand out to Agents in your area by taking these two steps:

  1. Update your Profile Brand Details with personalized information: how long you've been in the industry + what sets you apart from other lenders.

  2. Tell Agents why exactly you make an excellent Lender partner by uploading a Pitch an Agent video.

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