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How to Create a Team Account on Homebot
How to Create a Team Account on Homebot

Are you using Homebot as a team? Learn the best way to create & manage your team account in this article.

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As of now, Homebot only allows one email to be associated with your account. If managing your account as a team, select an email that's best for capturing all inbound client inquiries to more easily hand-off & distribute leads.

Once you've decided on your team email address, all you have to do is update your Profile Information to include a team photo & your team name.

To do so, go to your Account in the upper right-hand corner of your Homebot account & then select 'Manage Profile & Settings' from the drop-down:

From there, you'll want to update your profile information to include:

  • Your team name in First & Last name fields

  • Your team photo

  • Your team website

  • An email that's best for the whole team

Please note: Only one NMLS ID can be associated with your account.

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