So you've compiled your list of agents to invite and you've either invited them directly through Homebot or sent them your personal URL link. 

Below are the steps to confirm adding this agent to your Homebot network:

  1. After inviting your agent, your agent will be onboarded and you'll receive the following email:

2. Click the button "View Request" and accept the agent into your Homebot Freemium network.

3. From your Homebot portal, select the "Pending Requests" tab:

4. You'll see your agent pending, select "Confirm" to invite the agent

5. You'll then be prompted to confirm co-sponsoring, select "Yes"

6. You'll now see your agent in the "Sponsored Agents" tab:

7. Your agent will be prompted to confirm your co-sponsorship as well and once they've accepted, you'll receive the following email:

And boom! You've added your first Freemium Agent! 

Have questions? Send us a chat through the pink message icon in the bottom right corner of your screen!

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