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Learn how to turn on your POWER UPs and discover great practices for implementing them into your workflow!

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Homebot POWER UPs provide you with the ability to integrate Homebot with your favorite tools and gives you additional tools to drive great results with Homebot. POWER UPS are found under the Customize tab:

First, let’s take a look at the features available, then we’ll provide how-to’s for turning them on and best practices.


DISCLAIMER: Your POWER UPs may vary due to your company's agreement with Homebot and your billing plan (some of these features are available to pro only). Please contact your local administrator with questions.


The mortgage coach integration allows you to give your clients to on-demand or personalized TCA’s. This POWER UP requires an account with Mortgage Coach.

Learn how to turn on and leverage Mortgage Coach here.


Homebot has partnered with YLOPO to allow your clients to search for homes while keeping you the main point of contact. This is included for free in your Pro account.

Turn on Home Search by YLOPO by clicking here.


Record and send your clients a personalized video about their digest or markets. This POWER UP requires an account with BombBomb.

Learn how to turn on and leverage BombBomb here.


Keep your clients up to date with industry trends and rates with weekly video emails. With video email, you can send custom video emails to your homeowners or buyers using Homebot's reports.

Learn how to use video email here.

Have your own property listing site (preferred IDX) or partnered with someone who does? Tailor your client's search listing platform to guide them to their perfect home by adding your home search URL. This is included for free in your Homebot Pro account.

Learn how to add your custom home search URL here.


Help educate your clients about instant offers while keeping them as your lead. This is included for free in your Homebot Pro account.

Learn more about turning on Instant Offer Interest and discover best practices here.

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