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Why am I getting error: cannot verify address?
Why am I getting error: cannot verify address?

Learn how to resolve a home when you receive the error "no_address_found"

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One of the most common reasons this error message will appear is if a digit is misplaced in the home address being added into Homebot. Please be sure the address you have matches what the public record has on file.

Continue reading for additional scenarios that could be causing this error message.

If the property is a new build, we recommend waiting 60 days before attempting to re-add the home. This is because public records often take some time to update and recognize the home’s address.  

  • We receive new data sets monthly! If we get data on an otherwise “blank” property, we’ll then populate the new data and the report will then trigger to send to the client

If the property is a multi-unit dwelling, a condo, or a townhouse please ensure that you are using the address and unit number that is in public record. 

If the property is in a rural or sparsely populated error, this is likely due to the fact that we do not have data coverage in that area.

If the property is a manufactured home or mobile home, our system does not offer values for these home types at this time. 

If it's a commercial property or co-op, Homebot is not designed to provide accurate values for these types of properties.

Still having trouble? Send us a chat message including the client's name, email address, and home address that is giving you the error message. We'll look into the issue and try to determine why you are receiving this error and help you get it fixed! 

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