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My Sponsoring Loan Officer Assigned Me a CMA. Now What?
My Sponsoring Loan Officer Assigned Me a CMA. Now What?

Learn how to complete a CMA after your Lender partner assigns it to you.

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Completing a CMA for a homeowner ensures you are top of mind for them, can create a new lead in your database, and allows you to strengthen your partnership with your Loan Officer.

In Homebot, it’s a fast and easy process completed in two simple steps.

Step 1: You’ll be notified via email when your Loan Officer partner assigns a CMA to you. If you'd like to complete it, select the 'Complete CMA' button:

Complete CMA for Loan Officer Co-Sponsor

Don't want to complete the CMA? That's okay. Let your Co-Sponsoring Loan Officer know by clicking 'Not interested.'

If you've opted to complete the CMA, you'll be redirected to the client's profile page, where you'll be able to see their home details, including the value, sold date, and any changes they made to the home in orange that they believe impacts the home value.

Step 2: Once you've performed your CMA, update the home's value and range. Once done, select the 'Save CMA' button:

CMA fields

The client will receive the email below from the Real Estate Agent, notifying them of the update and may contact you, or reply directly to the email, for more information and discuss the next steps:

Pro Tip: Follow up with your Co-Sponsoring Loan Officer and ask if you can be of any more assistance to the client.

Your Co-Sponsoring Loan Officer will also receive notification of your completed CMA as soon as you hit 'Save CMA':

CMA Completed notification to LO

Clicked 'Complete CMA' and landed here?:

Someone managed to complete it first! Whether your Loan Officer or perhaps another Real Estate Agents they may have sent the request to.

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