How to Add an Intro Video for a Potential Lender Cosponsor

Learn how to create an intro video that stands out to potential Lender Co-Sponsors on Homebot.

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Introduce yourself to prospective Lender partners on Homebot by sending a personalized video with your Co-Sponsorship invitation.

Homebot makes it easy and seamless! In this article, learn how to create an Intro Video and invite a Lender on Homebot to sponsor you:


Create a warm introduction that tells the invited Lender why you’re a great partner to have on Homebot. Watch an example video.

  1. Introduce yourself, considering including your years in the industry or what makes you stand out from other Real Estate Agents.

    Ex: “Hi, my name is Talya with, E.G., Brokers, and I’ve been working in the real estate industry for over five years and am proud to have assisted over 200 homeowners in their journey.”

  2. Tell them why they should work with you:

    Ex: “You can count on me to assist with CMAs and help your clients list and purchase at the right time.”

  3. Invite them to reach out to you to talk and encourage them to accept the invitation to partner.

    Ex: “I’d love to partner with you and help your business grow. Let’s find a time to talk or go ahead and accept my invitation to connect on Homebot!”

Once you’ve created your brief introduction video, add it to your invite to a Lender sponsor by following the steps outlined below:


From your Co-Sponsor tab, click on the Lender you’re interested in inviting. Then select, ‘More Info’:

Next to the Invite button, click ‘add an Intro Video with Invite’:

You can upload your custom video using:

  • Youtube

  • BombBomb

  • PitchHub

Use the URL, embed code, or video ID to add your intro video.

Be sure to Preview Video to confirm it’s the right one. Once you’ve previewed, acknowledge that the video preview looks good and is aligned with what you can legally offer and in accordance with your company's compliance regulations:

Next, click Send the Invite with Video:

Once sent, the Lender will be notified via email and see your video attached like the example below:

If they select you as an Agent partner, you’ll receive an email notification prompting you to upload your buyers:

If, for any reason, the Lender does not accept your invitation, we’ll save the Intro Video you create, and you can send it with any other Lender invitation you send.

You can remove your video and add a new one any time by clicking on Remove and re-adding your video:

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